Our Approach

There are no shortcuts to good, effective communications, but the path is always unique. We arrive at creative solutions as a result of a vigorous process that begins with lots of questions, digging deep to build a foundation of profound understanding of your products or services, marketplace and competitors, as well as your core strengths and long-term strategic goals. Our process is tailored specifically to each projects’ unique requirements, but the approach we typically follow for individual projects is as follows:

Phase I:
Project Discovery, Analysis and Strategic Planning

Once the parameters and goals of a project are clearly defined, we assemble a team specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of that particular project. Working with you, the team gathers and synthesizes pertinent information through interviews, an information audit of existing materials, and research, and outlines messaging opportunities based upon the defined target audience and the business objectives for project. We will also work together to develop a detailed schedule and timeline highlighting key deadlines and meeting dates. Adhering to the timeline will require diligence on both our parts, including prompt responses to inquiries, and access and availability of staff for regular meetings throughout the process.

  • Project launch, kick-off meeting
  • Input meetings, interviews and research
  • Delivery of existing related materials to Taylor Bruce
  • Delivery of visual assets for current project to Taylor Bruce
  • Determine message opportunities
  • Define/Confirm top three objectives for project
  • Confirm budget relative to more detailed project specifications


  • Creative Brief defining our understanding of the project scope and parameters, requirements, goals and message opportunities
  • Project Plan submitted for approval, outlining specific process tasks and assigning responsibilities
  • Detailed timeline and schedule, highlighting key deadlines
  • Further defined & detailed budget

Phase II:
Conceptualization, Design and Refinement

Next, our team moves into the role of problem-solvers and critical thinkers to brainstorm, collaborate, and generate creative ideas to effectively express your strategic message to your target audience. We sketch, discuss and refine many ideas from which the strongest are chosen to create the first round of visual concepts for presentation. The selected concept is then further developed and refined in close collaboration with you, our client. You are an integral part of the process and your input is critical to developing communication strategies with the appropriate voice to speak to your precisely targeted audience. Our best results come when we work as partners, focused on a common goal.

  • Define communication / messaging strategy
  • Develop written content (as needed)
  • Develop visual expression
  • Further develop content, checking against core business objectives
  • Develop final budget estimate, based on design and requirements
  • Digital only: Review all components to confirm required functionality
  • Refine visual expression as needed, in collaboration with production or development team
  • Select or confirm printer or web service provider


  • Two concepts for visual expression
  • Refined visual expression of one chosen design direction
  • Presentation of final designs for approval
  • Digital only: Presentation of Technical Requirements for approval
  • Testing and refinement of designs for technical requirements
  • Presentation of final budget for approval
  • Present final designs for approval
  • Update timeline and schedule

Phase III:
Project Implementation

After the design concept has been refined and finalized, we work together to finalize written content, including editing and proofing if required, as well as selecting final images to incorporate into the materials. Final design files are prepared for production, or for digital work transitioned to development. We work diligently to finish our projects on time and on budget, to ensure your satisfaction with the process as well as the end product.

  • Finalize all content and design
  • Digital only: Select components to provide necessary functionality within budget constraints
  • Produce final digital files for release to printer or for digital work, final digital design templates for development team
  • Print only: Manage production process with external vendors
  • Digital only: Implementation of design in Content Management System (CMS)
  • Digital only: Thoroughly test functionality and compatibility with the latest versions of browsers (i.e., IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • Ensure timely completion


  • Roll-out of final design, with 2-3 rounds of client edits
  • Print only: Produce final files to release for production
  • Digital only: Develop, install and configure components to provide approved functionality
  • Digital only: Back and forth between design and development throughout this phase, to meld design with functionality, then implementation of final design templates in Content Management System (CMS)
  • Digital only: Testing and refinement implementation
  • Delivery of final product
  • Update timeline and schedule and needed

Phase IV:
Training, Review and Evaluation

After final project delivery, we still have work to do. For websites, we conduct a customized training session on how to use the back-end administrator of your CMS, so you can maintain and edit site content internally. For all work, we welcome feedback on how the end-product was received, and especially any insight you’ve gained from personal interaction with your target audience. We also talk about the process, and encourage open communication to discuss any ideas for process improvements for future projects:

  • Digital only: Training on backend administrator
  • Review feedback, both from client and target audience or end user
  • Review end results / final products and any necessary changes or updates (as applicable)
  • Discuss possible improvements or changes to process
  • Plan for Next Phase of project (as applicable)


  • Digital only: Conduct customized training session(s) at clients’ location
  • Post-mortem meeting to discuss end product ¬(pros and cons) and also review process and discuss improvements going forward
  • Outline any plans and timelines for Next Phase or Future Projects

Phase V:
Measure, Optimize, Market and Maintenance (Optional)

For digital projects, we can also offer ongoing support. Our team can help you to assess and analyze your website using Analytics, and help you to determine the best ways to capitalize on your marketing efforts using social media and link building. We also offer regular behind the scenes maintenance, including software updates and troubleshooting problems that arise from browser updates:

  • Search Engine Optimization Reporting
  • Search Engine and Social Media Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Ongoing software maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting


  • Digital only: Conduct customized training session(s) at clients’ location
  • Post-mortem meeting to discuss end product ¬(pros and cons) and also review process and discuss improvements going forward
  • Outline any plans and timelines for Next Phase or Future Projects